This section is intended to be viewed by patients, as it will provide information about the services offered at Adom House. We hope to address any questions that you may have, however if you would like further information, please contact Sam on: 0151 494 2731 or email:

Q. What services are provided by Adom House that I am unable to have done at my dentist's surgery?

A. Please click here for a list of services that we offer. This list is not exhaustive.

Q. Do I need to be registered with a dentist before I come to you?

A. We always recommend that you are registered with a dentist, so that you are receiving regular check-ups. However, you can contact us directly

Q. I am anxious about my treatment, can you put me 'to sleep'?

A. Your treatment can be done under IV Sedation without the need to be 'asleep' This link should answer your question fully .