We are pleased to reproduce some very kind comments from both patients and dental practitioners below.


Dear Dr Appiah-Anane,

I want to thank you for extracting my tooth last night.
I was very frightened and your staff were kind and understanding.
The procedure itself was quick and painless and I feel fine today.
It was so much better than I thought it would be, so quick I didnt even realise the tooth was out!
I now feel much more relaxed about needing to see the dentist, so thank you all very much!
S N'

'This letter should have been written a month ago, but this delay in no way minimises my gratitude and appreciation for all you did to make the two visits such an enjoyable experience. Courtesy, promptness, wit and charm were all there in equal measure.

Where else could you spend your lunchtime on a spring day with the sun on your face, reclining in a comfortable chair and a lovely lady holding your hand while you fall asleep - and to wake up with the same delightful lady still holding your hand. The stuff of dreams.

Next week I am seeing my dentist and I hope I can persuade him to find another old tooth that needs extracting so I can come and see you again.

Again, thank you all at Adom House.

With kind regards,

RL Cheshire.'

'Dear Mr & Mrs Sam,

It was an entertaining experience meeting you both, and being on the receiving end of your kindly ministrations.

Now seven days later, I have had no bleeding, bruising, swelling, pain or infection, and my gums are completely healed. You make a terrific team, and it is thanks to your skill and care that I have enjoyed such an easy passage.

I was really impressed -
you must be the best
at extracting the teeth from the head
no bruising appeared
or the swelling I'd feared -
and no pain - so I thought I was dead!

I have cancelled the follow up appointment you offered, as I feel it would be unfair to occupy the time you could spend helping others, when I have no problems.

As I still have teeth in my head, I have no doubt that I will be happy to sit in your dental chair in the future!

With thanks, and all good wishes to you both.


YP Liverpool'

'Dear Sam,

I doubt if this letter will come as a surprise to you, but after 28 years of general dentistry I have now decided to retire. I have to say that since the introduction of the new dental contract in 2006 I have not enjoyed the working atmosphere - I treat patients not targets!

You have been carrying out my surgical work for so long now I cannot remember when we started - although if I had to guess, it would be in the early 1990s. I have certainly never looked back and have enjoyed a very high standard of service as well as a good working relationship and you should be commended for maintaining this despite the "ups and downs" of the business. In fact, running a NHS specialist service practice must be particularly difficult as you are "out in the wilderness" on you own!

I thank you again for your excellent service and wish you well in what can only be described as "difficult" times.

Kind regards,

GH (BDS U.Manc) Liverpool '